Natural Herbal Remedies For Polycythemia Vera

What is Polycythemia Vera?

Polycythemia Vera is the disease of bone marrows in which excessive production of red blood cells occur. During the course of this bone marrow disease your body produces an increased number of blood cells mainly red blood cells causing thickening of the blood leading to high blood pressure and various other disease including the one associated with heart too. It is a blood disorder which can also cause overproduction of white blood cells or platelets also. This sort of disorder is usually rare and develops very slowly over the years. It does not get obvious within days or even weeks in fact it takes about 4 to 5 years to actually witness the occurrence of this disease.

How is it caused?

This disease is usually caused due to a problem with blood cell production caused by a mutation in the bone marrow cell. When your body loses control on the production of blood cells in the bone marrow that is when the actual problem arises and gives way to the occurrence of Polycythemia Vera. There is a protein switch that tells the cells to grow but in this case that area is affected resulting in halts the growth of cells resulting again in Polycythemia Vera. Scientists have not yet been able to identify which factor really contributes to the occurrence of this disease.

Symptoms of Disease

There are several signs and symptoms which help the medical practitioners to diagnose the disease and recommend a suitable treatment option depending upon the situation of the disease. The following symptoms offer the best situational analysis of the disease:

  • Breathing difficulty when lying down
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Fullness in the left upper abdomen (due to enlarged spleen)
  • Headache
  • Itchiness, especially after a warm bath
  • Red coloring, especially of the face
  • Shortness of breath

Treatment, Prevention & when to see the Doctor?

There are various treatment options and recommended surgeries by expert surgeons which can help control the production of these blood cells but they cannot be chosen without the advice of the doctor. You should know when to see a doctor and when it is too early to go for a medical help because sometimes the symptoms are caused due to other reasons as well. You should consult a doctor immediately when the shortness of breath gets uncontrollable and stays for weeks and weeks. You should immediately get medical help when excessive bleeding occurs and does not stop and your face starts turning red. These are some of the apparent symptoms that when occur you should instantly go to a doctor or if required get admitted in the hospital for constant medical supervision by experts.

There are several prevention techniques that experts have identified but they do not by any chance offer complete cure to this disease. These techniques can only help you with the treatment that you are undergoing to get rid of this bone marrow disorder. You should get regular in exercising in order to ensure a smooth regulation of blood in the body, avoid use of tobacco i.e. quit smoking or any other means of consuming tobacco, don’t scratch your skin when your face is red or whenever you experience itchiness and be careful with hot temperatures. You should completely avoid exposure to sun and stay inside when the temperature outside is really hot if you want quick recovery from this disease and you want to experience a regular flow of blood.

Our Formula

Our experts have come up with a herbal formula that is a perfect herbal treatment option for those who are suffering from Polycythemia Vera. The herbal formula designed and formulated by our experts is composed of herbs obtained from botanical gardens under the watchful administration of experts. The ingredients used in the manufacturing of this product have been carefully researched and examined in order to identify whether or not they have the tendency to battle with the harsh symptoms of Polycythemia Vera.

Why Us?

Why should you choose us as your top choice for the cure of this bone marrow disorder is because the formula that we have invented for the cure of Polycythemia Vera is composed of natural herbs and offers no side effects? It is a complete herbal formula which is approved for manufacturing only after the detailed research done on its ingredients.


In order to sum up the entire debate this herbal formula that our experts have manufactured can help cure this bone marrow disorder which is causing a lot of people to suffer from its harsh symptoms.

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